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Coronavirus Phase 1 Details


May 5, 2020

Kansas is now entering phase 1 of reopening and that includes allowances for churches. The guidelines state that churches can have more than 10 people if they are able to maintain the 6 foot social distancing requirement. Therefore, our church will come together for corporate worship starting May 10th. The following points detail how we will do this.
  • We will have two identical services. One at 9:00am - 10:15am, and the second at 10:45am - noon. No Sunday school, nursery, or evening service will happen at this time.
  • Bible studies and small groups that can maintain distance will resume.
  • We will divide our congregation into parts and assign families which service they can attend.
  • We will rope off pews and space people apart so that we are socially distanced in the sanctuary.
  • People are free to wear masks at all times, as well to excuse themselves from handshaking.
  • Anyone who considers themselves vulnerable or sick should stay home. We will post our whole service online for you to watch.
  • We will station deacons at the doors to be door openers, and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Between the services, the deacons will wipe down and clean all areas that are touched and used.
  • We will not pass a plate for offerings but will set the plate at the sanctuary doors for people to give as they come or go.
  • We will dismiss by row and request that most of the visiting happen outside where distance can be maintained and inside cleaning can happen.
  • We will not make hot beverages available at the church but you may bring your own. We will allow consumption in the sanctuary, but please have it in a spill-proof container.