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Boys Brigade

Boys Brigade


We are an official club of the Christian Service Brigade.

Boys Brigade is for boys ages 5 through 6th grade. This club is everything a boy could want. Challenge, teaching, fun, rewards, games, and most of all their dad. We encourage all dads not only to bring their sons but to stay and participate in it all.

Along with our Bible time and Scripture memory, we do games, snacks and a special focus area. The special focus area is something boys love to do. In the past we have done wood working, fishing, first-aid, electricity, and more. For each of those areas, the boys not only learn all about it, they also get to do activities that relate to it. Those activates happen in two ways. First, we spend 4 weeks in club time learning and working on projects related to the focus area. That focus area is led by a man who specializes in that area, and he leads the kids in doing the activities of that focus area. Second, boys take home booklets which they can do with their dads that call for other activities related to the focus area. This encourages involvement and discipleship.

Boys also earn badges for bible memory and booklet completion.

As stated above, Boy Brigade is everything a boy could want.

Club meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm and ends at 8pm.



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