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Small Groups

Small Groups

Fellowship is really important to us.

Not only is fellowship in our name, it is in our spiritual DNA. God created us for fellowship. We were made for fellowship with God and with one another. However, sin destroys fellowship. Our fellowship with God was cut off, and our fellowship with one another was corrupted. But, because of the grace of God in the gospel, true fellowship has been made possible again. Through Christ we are brought back into a relationship with God, and through Christ we can have relationships with one another as they were meant to be.

Fellowship is what our care groups are all about. We want to have true biblical fellowship. Biblical fellowship is more than eating food together, talking about the big game, sharing hurts, or even talking about the Bible. Biblical fellowship is participating together in the life and truth made possible by the Holy Spirit through our union with Christ. Or to say it another way, we are pursuing biblical truth together and struggling to help one another apply it in our lives.

Therefore, our care groups are the place to let one another into our lives and receive help, encouragement, and exhortation as we seek to follow Christ. Our care group times consist of several features, some of which might be eating, prayer, singing, Bible teaching, and personal sharing.

Care groups meet every other Thursday evenings in member homes. Our elders oversee each care group to ensure that they are conducted appropriately and that God’s word is handled carefully. Each care group takes care of their own particular childcare needs.
If you are interested in participating in a care group, contact Pastor Jay.