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Pastor Jay's Blog

This blog is Pastor Jay's weekly musings about God's Word, God's world, and God's call to our culture.  We hope they encourage, challenge, and inform you.  Sign up to recieve them in your email. 

Archives for March 2016

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An Ironic Pursuit of God’s Will

Irony has a special place in my heart. I think it has to do with the way truth gets displayed in spite of people's deceptive or idiotic ways. For example, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown hand-wrote a letter of condolence to a mother whose son had died in Afghanistan, but unfortunately he misspelled the deceased's surname. A newspaper published a blistering articl...

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Four Ways Unbelievers Suppress The Truth

We have all been there at some point. A discussion turns to spiritual matters and it becomes clear that the person you are talking to does not believe in God. But it gets worse than that. They are incredulous about your faith. Not only do they not believe, they also don't understand how anyone could believe. They press you for evidence because they see nothing that would...

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Understanding The Gun On The Table

There is a principle in theatre that says if you put a gun on a table in the first scene it had better be used by the last scene. There are needful reasons for this. You are trying to carry your audience along a particular storyline and pointless details will confuse and distract them. Additionally, you only have a limited amount of time and space. You don't want to wast...

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The Ten Words of Grace

Some things never change: Governments want to tax your money; change is the only constant; and the Cubs are going to lose. These things are a sure bet. The church has one to add to the list; explaining the place of the Old Testament law. With every new generation fresh explanations have to be given regarding the church's relationship with the law. This is not a bad thing...

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