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Book Review: Keeping Your Cool

Some books seem to come a couple of decades too late. This is one of those book for me. What a help this would have been to me when I was a teenager. And I wasn't even a particularly rebellious teen. Yet, the areas and issues that this book covers are so common for every teen, there will be loads of help for all. But to be honest, anger is not just a teen problem. It is ...

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The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness

Book Review: The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness I recently read the short and easy-to-read book The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness by Timothy Keller. Not only is it short, it is also only $2 on Amazon Kindle at the time of this writing. I loved this little work and plan on having copies on hand to give away. It is a glorious remedy to a perpetual problem in the heart of m...

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The Peace Maker: A Book Review

Preparation is what you do when you don't know what is coming. Fervent preparation is what you do when you do know what is coming. And you know conflict is coming. You are fallen and selfish and you live around fallen selfish people. Only the Hermit is going to avoid conflict, and even he will probably argue with himself from time to time. Therefore, since you are a fa...

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