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This blog is Pastor Jay's weekly musings about God's Word, God's world, and God's call to our culture.  We hope they encourage, challenge, and inform you.  Sign up to recieve them in your email. 

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Waiting is More than Just Patience

Last Sunday we gave some focus to the matter of waiting upon the Lord. The matter of waiting does not seem to be a complicated one. We have waiting rooms in which all we do is sit. Isn't waiting the most brainless, effortless activity of them all? That is not the kind of waiting we are talking about. Life is not like a waiting room; a response like that would be closer a...

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An Overview of Hebrews Chapter 11: The Faith Chapter

Hebrews chapter 11 is one of the most famous and treasured portions of Scripture. While there is so much that can be mined from this chapter, I want to give you a few of the major features that will get you well-situated for diving into it yourself. First, chapter eleven is not about faithin general. It is about a certain feature of faith. Chapter eleven is about the fa...

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Throwing Grace Under the Bus

Bad things happen. We understand that is part of this living in this world. Cars break down, parades get rained on and raisins are put into cookies instead of chocolate chips. Some bad things are on another level. People get diseases, relationships are broken and wars are fought. But a tragedy is something unique. A tragedy is when an exceptionally wonderful good is ...

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Why do you obey?

One of the realities of raising young children is that you begin to be asked a lot of "why" questions. Why do we brush our teeth? Why do we pray before we eat? Why do we have to go to bed? The benefit to this is you find yourself having to justify things you perhaps have not thought through in a long time. That is a good thing. Useless your response is to rely unthinking...

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Repent Of Your Small Faith, And Get A Mustard-Seed Faith

I have been thinking a lot about faith due to the passages of Scripture we have been going through at church. It got me thinking about this concept of "mustard-seed faith." This is a well-known biblical phrase because Jesus uses it in two different settings recorded in Matthew, Mark and Luke. It is used in a very positive way and with a staggering promise of incredible e...

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Worry, Fear, And Stepping Back Into The Grave

Cemeteries are creepy. I lived across from one growing up and much of the time it was just a normal part of our scenery. This cemetery was a part of the church we went to so we often walked to church using the road that went through the cemetery. That wasn't a problem, most of the time. But we also went to church Sunday evenings. When fall rolled around, and darkness rus...

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4 Ways to Boldness

The apostle Paul was promised a life of suffering, and God delivered on that promise. Few have ever lived such a hard life. Much of what made it so hard was the uncertainty of what would hit him around the next corner. It was like being blindfolded at the receiving end of a dodgeball game where anything was allowed to be thrown. Would the next thing be a rotten tomato or...

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