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A New Abortion Argument: The Priority of Bodily Autonomy

With the abortion discussions heating up more than ever, I want to make sure each person can give the best defense possible on behalf of their unborn neighbor who is under such great threat. One of the latest arguments that has gained a lot of traction in the pro-choice movement is the notion of Bodily Autonomy. Since the science of the fully-human fertilized egg is be...

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A Pro-life Clarification about Mothers Dying

The pro-life cause is making gains that are unprecedented. This is tremendous and we should pray for more of the same. We should not be surprised that there is also a growing outcry coming from the pro-choice side. Many of the pro-choice arguments are being repainted and sent out for duty again. There are also newer arguments gaining momentum. None of this is too surpr...

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Can I Kill This? Using the S.L.E.D. Argument

Can I kill this? How do you answer such a question? Scott Klusendorf, a wonderfully skilled anti-abortion apologist, rightly points out that you have to ask another question. That question is: What is it you want to kill? A roach: Yes, kill it now. A wild Turkey: Yes, but only during turkey season. A Bald Eagle: No, it is legally protected. A human baby: ????????...

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Abortion: “Privately against but publicly for” is to be publicly foolish

During the Vice Presidential debate the nation got to hear a particular abortion position articulated. Candidate Tim Kaine stated that he was privately against abortion, but supported the right to have abortions. Is this a morally legitimate position? Is this an aspect of what American Christianity can look like? Can we support policies that are sin against God? There i...

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