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This blog is Pastor Jay's weekly musings about God's Word, God's world, and God's call to our culture.  We hope they encourage, challenge, and inform you.  Sign up to recieve them in your email. 

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Prioritize Which? Church or Family

One of the regular issues that arises in busy families is keeping all of the proverbial plates spinning. The schedule is full, the laundry needs to get done, soccer practice is starting, kids are fussing about something, and guess what? The dishwasher just started leaking. In the middle of all of this comes church. And not just Sunday Services but bible studies, kids clubs...

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The Most Important Honor

Last Sunday I preached through the Ephesians 6 passage detailing the relationship between children and parents. The commands are clear. Children are to obey and honor. Parents are to discipline and instruct. These were things that were filled out in the sermon. However, there is one point I did not fill out properly. I would like to correct that in this blog. It has to ...

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Keep Church in Christmas

By Jay Lickey12-16-16 It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas when you start seeing statements made here and there about keeping Christ in Christmas. It's a pointed reminder in our increasingly secular age. But what about keeping church in Christmas? I have never seen that statement on a Facebook post or a t-shirt. Yet, every 6+ years Christmas falls on a Sunday. H...

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Husbands, Submit To Your Wives

How is that for a provocative title? I may have just lost all my conservative readers, who recognize the role of male headship in the home, as well as any liberal readers who reject the idea of roles in any form whatsoever. So, if I have anyone who is still reading, let me take you to Scripture to show you that this is far more than a provocative title, it is the teachin...

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Faithfulness and Family Reunions

In just a couple weeks, many of us will be loading up our vehicles for the trip to be with family, where we will load up the dinner plate with holiday meals. Sadly, many will also begin to feel their heart load up with fear, anger, or anxiety as they think about spending another holiday with family members who are less than a joy to be around. That means now is the time...

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